Volkl Single Ski bag expandable

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The perfect bag to transport a personal setup with skis and poles the Volkl Single Ski Bag in the expandable version goes from 170 to 190 cm to accommodate a variety of ski lengths. Really, the perfect bag for the parent looking to maximize room for growth for that young up and coming skier in the family. There are kid specific products we recommend, for example boot bags, because the adult version will tip a child right over backwards, but when it comes to ski bags, you might want to consider future growth rather than going with a single length smaller size. The single length bags are terrific for people who've settled on a shorter length ski as their perfect match. But with teens.. growth happens. Padded throughout for protection, lined with durable, PVC Tarp material, these are durable and ready to protect a pair of skis and poles whether they're in transport or storage. Make use of any extra space by packing accessories in compression sacks and you'll have a handy storage system for travel and keeping it all together when stored in a closet or under the bed. A great expandable bag for shared use or the skier who is still growing out of skis year after year designed for safer transport and convenient storage.


  • 190 x 20 CM
  • Adjustable to accommodate skis from 170 cm up to 190 cm
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Padded handle
  • Top zip access
  • 2 security side straps
  • Easy snap clips
  • 80 Liters