Thermic C-Pack 1700 Bluetooth Batteries + Insole kit

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The Thermic Set Insole Heat Kit provides heating elements in kit form for integration into your existing insoles. The new ultra-thin heating elements allow perfect integration on all types of insoles, and a self-adhesive textile lining is included to cover the heating element, ensuring optimal comfort. While this kit enables you to perform the installation yourself, we strongly recommend visiting our store for professional fitting to your existing insole or to have a new one fitted.

The kit includes 2 outer covers and 2 heating elements with an ultra-thin design for optimal foot temperature, comfort, and durability. It is easy to cut and fit into the shoe, suitable for all insoles, trainers, or street shoes. Compatibility is limited to the Therm-ic C-Pack range of batteries, and a USB charger is included (mains charger not included).

The C-Pack 1300 B and C-Pack 1700 B are Bluetooth compatible, allowing you to control the power of your heat remotely via your smartphone. The C-Pack 1300 B offers up to 13 hours of heat, and the C-Pack 1700 B offers up to 17 hours of heat. Note that the "No Battery" kit only includes the elements and covers; batteries required for heating are not included in this product.