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Grab yourself a Sidas Drywarmer Pro and gone will be the days where you'll be stuffing your feet into cold, damp ski boots. 

The new and improved pro version now plugs into USB so you can take them on the road and plug them into your car, computer or power bank.

This handy device has two pods that you stuff down to the end of your ski boot liner. Plug them in, turn them on and leave your boots overnight. The pod's heat to a temperature that dries out your liners, but won't affect custom footbeds or alter your moulded liners. In the morning you'll be slipping your feet into toasty warm and dry ski boots.

They also emit a UV Light which has an antibacterial action and kills germs. This will stop your boots from getting on the nose and keep you in everyone else's good books. 

The Drywarmers have a timer setting as well, 1 press of the on button turns it on for 4 hours, 2 presses turns it on indefinitely. Use the 4 hour setting for light drying & warming or the always on setting for rigorous overnight drying.

There's no reason why you can't use these handy little fellas in other things too. Snow gloves, hiking boots, even your wet footy boots will all be taken care of.