Lange LX 130 HV

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Lange's legendary performance in a comfortable, wider shoe. From the “choose your fit” concept, the new LX 130 HV GW piste / all mountain ski boot introduces a new width at the front of the foot, 102mm.
If you have wide feet and are looking for performance in a comfortable ski boot, the LX is for you. The combination of legendary Lange performance and a wider fit, plus easy entry and exit of the foot, ensures comfort all day long. Our innovative and lightweight Dual Core construction guarantees efficiency, power and precision so that you become one with your shoe. Assembly of the sole in Gripwalk, addition of a screw on the hull bringing more performance, equaling the level of the RX shoe. Do not hesitate to thermoform your slippers to best adapt your slipper to your foot.
Wide FIT
The Fit of the shoe corresponds to the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsus (the widest part of the front of the foot). It helps to determine the skier's level of control and precision. For a good balance between comfort and control, choose a shoe that matches the volume and overall length of your foot. fit 92-95 mm: Precision, fit 97-99 mm: Performance, fit 100-102 mm: Comfort
Stiff FLEX
The shoes' flex index indicates their rigidity: the higher the index, the more rigid and responsive the shell; the lower the index, the more flexible and tolerant the shell.
Expert LEVEL
Choose a boot adapted to your level of skiing to obtain the best balance between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we will favor a soft flex (<80), and for an expert skier a stiffer flex (>90).