G3 Minimist Universal Skin 115MM

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Uncompromised Performance. Unrivaled Weight.
The MINIMIST skins achieve an ultralight feel by using high performance textiles from other demanding sports applications as a backbone. This results in climbing skins that exceed the highest expectations for features and performance. Every MINIMIST skin is up to 30% lighter than anything else in its performance class.

The MINIMIST skins pack small enough to fit into your jacket pocket.The low-bulk materials matched with the minimalist tip and tail system create a tightly packed roll that doesn’t require any extra room in your pack.


During development of the ALPINIST+ skins we learned about the mechanics of how snow can creep under your skins and contaminate your adhesive. We were unwilling to step backward in these advancements in order to achieve lighter weight targets when designing the MINIMIST. Our solution? A carbon fibre insert at the tip of each MINIMIST skin, creating a directionally rigid platform that prevents snow creep and extends your time in the mountains.