Dahu Ecorce 01 WMN Flex 90

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The visionary model that reimagined the Ski boot presents an updated Cambium boot including RECCO location technology, an enhanced lacing system, and refined technical fabric elements. The buckles and power beam are modestly laser etched to add rich yet subtle detail for the most discerning eye.

This is a boot!

Takes a minute to get used to the functionality. Once you get comfortable with the product holy cow…..I'm able to ski longer and harder. Such comfort and unbelieveable performance.

Extends my day

Dahu extends my day both on the mountain and at the bar! When I'm on the mtn I feel like I'm driving a luxury performance sports car with all the bells and whistles. The ability to remove the shell means after spending the day on the mtn, I can apres all evening without needing to worry about feet. Changed my perspective on the future of skiing.

Wow, game changer

After skiing hard all day I can now pick up my kids from ski school with ease without chasing them around in my old traditional boots. The ability to remove the shell is a game changer!