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Peter Clark Master Bootfitter Gravity Thredbo

 Trust Me, i'm a Boot Fitter!

You could say I was born to fit Skiboots. My Grandfather Harold was a shoemaker with a small shop in George St Sydney, while my father Ron started Jindabyne Sports in 1967, where as a six year old I would be helping him fit out the endless stream of buses requiring ski hire at 2am on Friday nights. I loved it!  So it's no surprise that skiing became my passion. I've been fitting ski boots for over 42 seasons, in Jindabyne, Aspen and now in Thredbo.  I've worked with some of the best in the industry, taught boot fitting clinics and you can rest assured the team at Gravity are the best in the business.

Peter Clark - Director Gravity Thredbo



Measurement and analysis

Our boot fitters will match your foot's length, width, volume, ankle and calf to find a ski boot shell that correctly suits the morphology of your foot. You are likely to try on 2 or maybe 3 models before we decide on the best fit. 

Heat molding of liners and shell modifications are included in your boots cost. 



Custom Insoles

Adding a footbed will increase both comfort and performance in any ski boot. At Gravity we offer a generic insole from SIDAS France in three different arch heights for $59.95. This we regard as the minimum amount of support you will need to ensure your foot stays stable and confortable in your new boots.
Alternatively we can make Sidas custom insoles to perfectly match the shape of your foot. Custom insoles improve circulation and improve the alignment of yor hips, knees and ankles.
Custom insoles always provide the best fit.
Cost: $199 and allow 30 minutes


Another important and often overlooked aspect to bootfitting is alignment. Keeping your knees tracking correctly is essental the get the best performance from your new boots. This might be as simple as adjusting the cuff alignment or fitting Align + base boards to ensure you have the optimal stance. 

Cost: $100 (Align + Baseboard alignment system)

Making a booking

To view our different levels of bootfitting and make an appointment for custom footbeds and boot adjustments click the link below!

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